"Christina Linhardt is an artist to keep your eyes on because her star is shining bright, and "Circus Sanctuary" is the testimony to my belief that Christina will be with us for awhile.
Keep making records Christina.
— Evolution of Media Entertainmen (E.O.M.)
"You won't believe what she does with the classics-especially the Ave Maria. With some original lyrics thrown in, this CD showcases her broad range and lyrical expressiveness.  The arrangements are tops and the orchestrations are crisp, but the best part is that wonderful voice that soars above the notes and engulfs you in pure joy. Try it-you‚ll like it!"
— www.reviewplays.com

Circus Sanctuary, the dynamic saga-esque solo album of singer Christina Linhardt, musically chronicles tales of her eclectic life bouncing from continent to continent, including stories of her engagement to Daniel Timo Crown Prince of Saxony (she remains close family friends)
her life as a Carnivale entertainer in the Fool's Guild, her travels through African jungles and time spent training to become a professional fighter (which she never did; music won out).

Utilizing an array of musical styles from Salsa to Reggae to Grandiose Rock-Ballad, Circus Sanctuary, covers the gamut of genres, yet is tied together by the unique rock aria style arrangements, and the rhythmic "glue" of world percussionist Angel Luis Figueroa.

The core band in recording the album consisted of acclaimed and renowned studio players Dino Meneghin, guitar, Marco Meneghin, drums, Bob Feldman, bass, and John Rangel, keyboards.

Sparkling special guest spots include Salsa violinst Dan Weinstein, legendary pianist Shelton Berg, Sax solos by Bruce Eskovitz, and a cameo piccolo trumpet cadenza by Bill Churchville.

Skillfully produced and arranged by Bruce Eskovitz and Christina Linhardt, and masterfully engineered by Glenn Nishida(Pacifica Studios) Circus Sanctuary is a must have for lovers of inventive music, created by artists, not industries.

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