"...adding to the mesmerizing feel of the play is vocalist Christina Linhardt her other-worldly vocalizing introducing each act with the haunting lilt of family memories"
— Easy Reader
"On her new album 'Voodoo Princess' wild child Christina Linhardt is a fireball of creativity with a beautiful and pure voice that blazes an operatic trail of musical mysticism, taking you on a whimsical journey spiced with sprinklings of exotic and jazzy rhythms that bedazzle in songs 'Bedlam Boyzz' and 'Wolf at Bay'; disco flavored pop with 'Bengal Prince'; powerful theatrics with 'Elf King'; and heart warming songs such as 'Redwood Theatre' and 'Waterfall' that conjure visions of majestic beauty. There is no other sound like the album Voodoo Princess– it's simply delicious!."
— Review by Lisa D. Smith, The Big Blend Magazine.

Inspired by her mystical journeys in the Caribbean, "Voodoo Princess" is the second solo cd of vocalist Christina Linhardt, the "Diva of the Secret Societies".

Already having a propensity for the magickal arts as a child, Christina searched the globe from the Tropical Islands, to the Middle East, to Southern Africa for esoteric knowledge. Along the way she found love and passion which inspired her second album "Voodoo Princess".  Disco grooves meet with Reggae flavorings, sprinkled with a touch of Bollywood here, and a smattering of Grand Opera there.

A selection of superlative studio musicians graces the tracks: Dino Meneghin on guitar, Doug Livingston on keyboards and steel guitar,  Adam Cohen on bass guitar, Steve Pemberton on drums, Angel Luis Figueroa on percussion,  Larry Williams on trumpet and flugel horn, Andrew Lippman on trombone, Dan Weinstein on viola, violin and back-up vocals, Lisa Weinstein on violin, Bruce Eskovitz on saxophones and theatrical offerings by actor/ voice-over artist Jeffrey van der Byl.  Being inspired by the original "Little Mermaid" sound-track from her childhood,

Ms. Linhardt managed to use her spell-casting abilities to secure the woodwind soloists  from that Disney smash hit; Dave Shostac on flute and Tom Boyd on Oboe. Artfully produced by  Bruce Eskovitz and Christina Linhardt, engineered by Glenn Nishida of Pacifica Studios. Beware the enchantment of the Voodoo Princess......

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Watch the Bedlam Boyzz music video starring Ringling Clown Michael "Tuba" Heatherton
(filmed on location at the Max Kade Institute)

Watch  the drippy exotic Wolf At Bay music video
(filmed on location at Green Man Lodge)

Watch the homage to Bengal Prince starring the Cadbury Gorilla Garon Michael (sans primate suit)
(filmed in part at the studio of sculptress Tanya Ragir)